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the players

Here are some of the folks that have and continue to inspire me. Some players are shown here in classic configurations, others in unsual collaborations. I hope to add to and change these clips frequently.

these videos require you have "flash" on your computer.

"Bashful Brother" Oswald

Oswald's playing is as important today as it ever was. There are lessons to be learned here!

Josh Graves

For bluegrass players it all started with "Buck". Here he's showcased on the first bluegrass tune that featured resonator guitar.

Rob Ickes

Rob stretched the bounderies of resonator guitar into jazz while still showcases the bluesy qualities of the instrument.

Tut Taylor

Tut learned to play lapstyle with a flat pick, before he came to discover the recordings he heard all featured players with finger picks. Tut achies greatness forging his own technique.

Bill Cardine

Bill takes the resonator guitar back into "old time", giving the music a fresh face.

Jerry Douglas

One of the greatest players to grace the stage in one of the most famous musical collaboartions. Here he is backing Alison on a very contemporary Graceland".

Mike Auldridge

For many the world rises and sets with the incredible "his ledgendship". Here he is in a classic "Seldom Scene" configuration.

From 1985. Fantastic video. You can learn how to play backup by watching this.

Here's Mike again, touring with Lyle Lovett, a most unusual collaboration.

Andy Hall

An incredible "new genertion" player. Fantastic solo work and his collaboration with "The Incredible Stringdusters" is just sublime. One of my fav bands.