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This is a story of a resophonic guitar, created to bring the ultimate recognition to a " gathering of resophonic Pickers "When it was decided to do the Great Dobro Sessions project it flashed on me that a guitar might be created to commemorate this first-time event. Little did I know what would follow. Mark made me two reso bodies, finished them in white. I carried them to the studio and they were in the foyer for everyone to sign. Which they graciously did. At the session everyone was given a membership in " The Dobrolic Plectral " with a certificate signed by Jerry and myself. My original idea was to have that logo on the back of the guitar. But when the nomination for Best Bluegrass Album came up something told ne that I had better wait for a while. After we won the Grammy I decided that maybe it would be a " Grammy Guitar " I needed permission to use The Grammy logo so in order to use their logo I agreed to make them one also which they sold at their big benefit yearly auction.

The guitar is elaborately embellished with my own designs of several types of " Leaf " namely, 24 K gold, varigated red, blue and green gold plus copper and silver with other colors. It is bound in a binding hand-made by Mark, called Christmas Tree. This is extremely difficult to make. The metal parts are gold-plated and engraved except the tuners. Instead of the usual sceeen holes there is the Grammy Medallion, showing both front and rear. After I finished my part Mark put it all together and finished it up. It is a beautiful instrument and will be in the Erie Museum Exhibit. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Keep visiting my web site for other exotic pictures and happenings. Wanna be a member of the " Dobrolic Plectral Society" ? Email me off list.......Tutbro

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View from tail piece with design.

Back and side shot.

Side view.

View from guitar back.

Close up view of back and autographs.

Close-up view of head stock.

All the credit for this wonderful story and pictures goes to Tut and Mark Taylor.

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