since 1997, for all things resonator guitar

this is me! Howard Parker. I've been playing resonator guitar as a part time professional for over 20 years. The bands i've played in have been solid regional organizations. Even got to go to England in 1991. Here are a few photos of some memorable moments.:

Too Far Gone (1989-1996) recorded one project and a toured England in 1991. The band survived a lot of changes over the years and was very well known in the Washington DC area.

DeSoto (The "Original") (1998- 1999). It included Casey Henry/banjo, Archie Warnock/guitar, Michael Marceau/bass and myself. We recorded one demo recording project. (1998, photo by Priscilla Warnock)

DeSoto at Tiffany Tavern in Alexandria, VA. A great venue in the Washington DC area.(1998, photo by Priscilla Warnock)

this is me doing the band competition at the Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival, NY. (1998, photo by Priscilla Warnock)

here's a great 1998 gig with Dede Wyland, Tad Marks/fiddle and Ira Gitlin/banjo.(1998, photo by Priscilla Warnock)

another special gig. That is banjo guy Chris Athey and IBMA Female Vocalist Of The Year, Lynn Morris. (2000, photo by Priscilla Warnock)

the "New" DeSoto (Not Your Fathers' Bluegrass Band) was formed in 2001 in order to satisfy our craving for the road less taken.

In the pics above (Check out the groovey attire):

1. The "New" DeSoto started out as a four piece ensemble.
2. The vocal trio at work.
3. Me playing the "Blackbeard", by Paul Beard Guitars.
4. Me playing the eight string mahogany, by Paul Beard Guitars

pThe band at the Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival (September 2002):

Garrett Siegers-Banjo, Howard Parker-Resonator Guitar (vocals), Archie Warnock-Guitar (vocals), Dallas Blair-Mandolin (vocals), Mike Marceau-Bass (vocals)

here is the band in December 2003, opening for Nashville Song Dude, Darrell Scott (Dixie Chicks).

the 2004 lineup is John Brunschwyler-Banjo (vocals), Howard Parker-Resonator Guitar (vocals), Archie Warnock-Guitar (vocals), Dallas Blair-Mandolin (vocals), Barb Diederich-Bass (vocals). we went our separate ways in 2005.
Here are a couple of tunes from that band.

i've been fortunate to have participated in other recording projects. Merle Johnson is a fine young multi-instrumentalist living in southern Maryland.

I particularly enjoyed joining "Hands All Around" a great acoustic project for kids.

I was very privileged to participate on Singer/Songwriter Mike Hamilton's latest release, "Appalachia". I also tour with Mike as part of his "Traveling Souls" band

and now for something _completely_ different. Below are shots of me plugged in, playing reso and the Fender "Custom" triple neck steel with the country band "New Early Sunrise"